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Well my New Year was pretty good, 2 whole glasses of champagne…WOOHOO…PARTY ANIMAL!!! lol
I spent the day with my sister, we went to Aireys Inlet, a little place on the coast for anyone that feels like a google.  One of the most beautiful beaches i have ever seen.  Harry and my nephew went swimming, i conveniently forgot my bathers so i was the old paddler!!
We had lunch down there, man, was it hot…i mean stifling, boiling hot.  We had to walk down a cliff (well, it was very steep so thats almost a cliff) to get to the beach.  You should have seen me getting back up, my nephew had to push me a few times and i could not speak when i got to the top i was so out of breath…hmmm, New Years Resolution, exercise???
We got home around 5ish, lashed out and got McDonalds for tea and watched a few movies.  We were going to take Harry to the 9pm fireworks, but a huge thunderstorm rolled over at about 8.30 and there was no way they could do the show, but we had a fantastic lighning show so that was enough for me.  My sister and i rang in the New Year, sitting up in her bed watching the Sydney fireworks, which were pretty good i must say!
So that was my night, it was really lovely.  I am working tonight but will be flying home to make group.  I am also working all weekend and i am so tired now that i cant fathom doing it, but we do dont we?
Anyway, wishing us all here a fantastic 2010, i cant help but wonder what this year will bring for me, but as long as im not gambling i know i am going to have a great year. 
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!