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And a Happy New Year to you Kathryn
I’m afraid I had an extremely noisy and champagne fuelled Hogmanay celebration and I’m not sure who is talking to me anymore as I had my mobile phone with me and I shared some of my happiness !!!!!!!!!!!
My son phoned me very early this morning. Apparently he had received one of my calls and as I had woken him in the early hours he was returning the complement. I think he took pleasure in hearing the groans from deep in my pillow.
So now you know – never let me have you telephone number.
I didn’t fall over but I remember being ably assisted in my walk home through the snow.
Anyway after this promising start to the new decade I send you all my good wishes and of course I will be there for you. You have brought me joy and laughter too and I believe we are going to have a whole load more this year. 
As Ever with Love
Velvet xx