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Happy New Year, Aussie Girl!!!
I googled Airey’s Inlet and I must say, it is spectacular.  How lucky you are to be close to the coast and so many gorgeous attractions!
On this side of the world, we have a slight dusting of snow for the New Year.  The weather has been oddly warm with rain on Xmas and New Years … what’s up with that??  I’m looking forward to a big dump of snow, my kids are dying to go tobogganing.
It’s noon on New Year’s Day and I still have a caterwauling houseful.  They’re playing hide-and-seeks and thumping up and down the stairs screaming.  I’ll need a good dose of painkillers at the end of the day … but they’re having a grand time, so who am I to complain. 
Just finished serving endless amounts of waffles with syrup with bacon and litres of juice, so … I think I’m entitled to another little rest (under the blankets) before I start cleaning up and then getting the lasagne into the oven for lunch!
Absolutely no thoughts of gambling.  I briefly thought about the people in the casino last night … but not longingly … more sadly (for them).  It really is a mugs game, isn’t it?  I hope I remember this every day of 2010.
Love and hugs.
RGThis moment is all we really have.  Be happy in it.