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Hi Kathryn,
im so pleased that you got the tickets. im pleased that you got them  for you and your daughter to have a great girlie night/weekend.
im even more happy that you are on this site no matter what hubby thinks. you are doing this for YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my mum is a very humble and unasuming lady. the one thing i remember from my youth that she said to me was.
Look after number one cos if you cant, who else will?
at the time i couldnt relate this to gambling. [i was about 4 tho even then i would bet i would be the first upstairs or the first awake! lol]
Now i realise that i had to stop gambling for me.
She also said make yourself happy and everyone you can make smile along the way is a bonus.
what a wonderfull woman my mum is!
its taken me 20 years of gambling and over 10 months in recovery to think of those wise words.
it tells its own story.
i love your posts, good times, bad times. always honest.
Regards Dave