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Larry, feel free to use my thread anytime. 
Dhorton, welcome to GT.  It may be beneficial for you to start a new thread of your own, that way you will get lots of replies and can keep a kind of journal for yourself to look back on. In saying that, thank you for posting on my thread.  Ok, what have you been doing, you say you have tried a thousand times. Whatever you are trying is not working so it may be time for a new strategy!  You will get so many ideas here, im not sure what you gamble on but if it is casinos, self banning is a great barrier.  Also giving your finances to someone else, so you have no access to money is a good one too.  Lastly, counselling, either with GA, personal or both can help identify the triggers that start the urge.  Working out what they are can really help, in that you can learn to deal with them in a different way.
If you can D, use the helpline and group chats, they are fantastic and have been such a help to me in my recovery.  Its great to be able to bounce things off others who have been there, who are going through the same thing and can maybe help you get through it.
There is a life after gambling, you are not alone D, it really is a day at a time, but if you put up as many barriers as you can those days add up.  Stay close to the site, read and post, keep busy.  I am on as many groups as i can get, so please do try it, we are all cg’s there and will give you lots of support and understanding in real time.
Again, welcome to the community, these people are truly amazing and have helped me through some very tough times.  I hope to catch up with you on group sometime.
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xx
 Life is about falling….living is about getting up!