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Hi All,
Well i had a very, very lazy day today, it took me all day just to hang out the washing!!  Damian and Brea went to the movies tonight, so i thought i would take the boys and get all their stuff for school.  Now i dont know if i just wanted to get it over and done with, or that the thought of getting all their clothes means they may go back sooner…yeah, wishful thinking i know!!!
So in we go, we get to Kmart (im assuming its like walmart) and they need navy shorts, and red polo shirts.  Well, they did not have 1 stinking red polo shirt in the place, but every other colour of the rainbow…of course. Then they had shorts for Bailey but not for Harry, now wouldnt you think that they would have navy shorts for a 5yo, starting their first year of school.  Oh no, obviously all the preps are either massive, or navy shorts are very hard to come by.  I was going beserk in the shop, the boys were so good, i think they were too scared to say anything, the raving mother was on the warpath!
Anyway, i got them some shoes there and some socks and then i rang the other big store there to check if they were open, luckily they were.  I got everything except polo shirts for Bailey…none his size! He has some though, but i like getting him a couple of new ones for the start of school. They got school bags, drink bottles and lunch boxes.  I was OVER it by the end.  So we trudged to McDonalds for tea, i was very good and had a chicken wrap thingy (yum) but i did finish with the apple pie!!! lol
So that has been my day.  Tomorrow its going to be very hot so i wont be doing much at all.  Im feeling a bit tense today, im sure its just school holidays, the boys have been at each others throats all day..i definitely need some me time!!! 25 sleeps to go (arent i a mean mother) I love my kids to death, but they drive me mad sometimes!!!
I hope you are all having a wonderful gamble free day,
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!