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Hi Kathryn!  I’m sitting in bed with a big sweater on, fuzzy pj bottoms, loads of blankets and a dog and a cat warming me while I’m reading about you buying shorts and how hot it’s going to be tomorrow (would that be today?).  It makes me laugh!  I’ve never been to Australia but I sure would love to take a tour of the entire country!
I’d posted to RG a bit earlier – I completely vomitted all over my own thread and have been sneaking onto everyone else’s to try to breathe some fresher air and catch up.  Had a ridiculous week this week that now as it’s over has me wishing I could get back to work sooner and find a better job in general. 
Have fun with your kiddos and please enjoy some of that heat for me.  My little toes are freezing right now!  Take care…