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Hello my beautiful Aussie friend
Thank you so much for your lovely New Year wishes!!! Right back at ya!
I am just back from holiday, which was a wonderful break with fantastic friends (the family you ‘choose’ as opposed to one you are ‘given’), amazing food, a healthy (or not) dose of bubbly, great scenery……………..but crap weather!! (yeah yeah i know…i live in the south of new zealand – what should i expect!!!!? LOL. but it is meant to be summer here too!)
I must add that i am NOT complaining about the ‘family i was given’ – as my mum and dad came to stay at my house (they live out of town) while the kids and i were away. It was a wee holiday for them, and they spent their time cleaning up my whole garden!!!!! including tending the amazing vegie garden that my dad planted with my kids while i was in aussie back in sept! I am so so grateful, and the kids are getting so excited about the crop that is coming to harvest. (what a fantastic way to get kids excited about vegies LOL)
I have not yet caught up on your last couple of weeks, but i am cracking up about your latest kmart trip! When do your kids go back to school? Mine go back in 3 and a half weeks, so i am certainly NOT as organised as you are! BUT i also have to go to kmart on the hunt for…..yes, you guessed it…blue shorts and red polo shirts! Good old kmart, I love them, but why oh why do they ALWAYS seem to have racks and racks of blue shorts and red polos when my kids have NOT outgrown their current sizes???????!!! And when they have  outgrown them, kmart has colours like ORANGE!!? I swear theres not a darn school in a 100 mile radius of here with orange polos as part of their school uniform!!!  
I will hold my breath before i venture in there (and maybe i’ll book a table for three at Mcdonalds on the way home haha).
I will get back to catching up. Just wanted to pop in and send you big cyber-hugs!
Much love and light
Meg xxxxxxxxxxxx"We are each of us angels with only one wing…  we can only fly by embracing each other"