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Alright you, just be grateful that every morning your kids put on navy shorts and a red polo shirt.  If you still want to complain, come to my house in the morning….no dear, you can’t wear the t-shirt that says "FCUK", your bra straps are showing in the green tank top (in the middle of winter), those jeans don’t do up, why don’t you put on boots, it’s raining outside…what do you mean you have no underwear?  If you need any variation of a large, oversize black t-shirt with a rock band on it, call me.  Don’t look for Nickelback, I’ve only got Jimi Hendrix, ACDC, Santana, Kiss, Queen….yes, I have the "daughter wardrobe blues".  Go ahead, write a song about it.
Everything else is great here, slowly (and I do mean slowly) recovering from the dental surgery.  Thank goodness my mood is improving as well.  Marilee + infection = miserable.   Take care girl, and by the way, you are doing GREAT!!