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Hi all,
I had a very busy day at work today…then came home to the grumpy hubby. Got to love it! Just what i needed.  Thoughts turned straight to gambling = straight on this site and feeling much better.
Angel i just wanted to let you know that i do think of gambling A LOT. But never to the point that i would go, besides, i cant, i would be removed. The thought of that actually makes me smile.  I wish you could all see what i see when i imagine getting thrown out.  Hysterical (funny) then hysterical (crying!!!)
I havent done anything in the form of gambling since i stopped 23 days ago. There are a lot of things that i know dont bother me in terms of gambling eg. betting on horses, sports, lottery, bingo etc.  Still, im not prepared to try it out. Its not worth the risk.  So im off to the big footy game tomorrow, im really looking forward to spending the arvo with my sister, nephew and my kids.
I hope you all have a happy gamble free day,
Bye for now, Kathryn xx PS- thanks to all that know it makes my day Fighting the good fight…One day at a time