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Hi Cranky!!!! Happy 7 months! Woo Hoo!!!! Go girl!
Your thread ALWAYS manages to make me smile! Tonight I would like to thank marilee for her hilarious description of dressing teenagers (or NOT dressing them in this case LOL LOL LOL)…thanks M.
AND… did you realise… on your last page you have Micky AND Minni!!!!!!!!??????? How cool is that?
Given that I have just decided to dub you ‘cranky’ (but only for today) as in ‘thomas the tank engine’, you now just about have the whole walt disney/looney tunes thing goin on! (how fitting for us lot huh?)… What could you possibly feel blue about!!!???? haha.
Stop me, before I get into a whole new Roller-coaster scenario where we assign a different character to each GT member! Hmmmmm… where will we start…..?
Love and light
meg xxxxx
PS: You should feel VERY proud of yourself babe! There is a whole lotta love for you on this site – and we are all proud of ya too! Not just for what you have achieved for yourself, but for the support you give daily to others! You rock! xxx"We are each of us angels with only one wing…  we can only fly by embracing each other"