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Hello, Ms. Kathryn.  I hope you enjoyed something delicious at dinner with your kids.  I had no appetite for a couple of weeks after my surgery and now I’m RAVENOUS!  I’ve had a very unnatural craving for Chinese food for the past several days and finally did something about it, only I didn’t love what I ordered.  Rats! 
I can’t thank you enough for your last post on my thread.  I heard a *DING* after I read it – "COPING" mechanism.  I wonder why that whole concept was eluding me as I was trying to sort out my anger=casino trip a few days ago.  Interesting because the very word "coping" is exactly what’s been rolling around on the tip of my tongue, I just couldn’t form it (I think the anesthesia is finally leaving my system, but I swear it does weird things to you.  Although, after my grandmother had a stroke, she kept calling helicopters sattelites because that was the only word that came to mind for her.  I kind of understand her verbal struggle there.).
And you were right about something else:  Of course I had other problems last year.  Of course I did!  I really thought about what you said, and, jeez, I was out of work, going through a major depression, had just moved, my husband had just been diagnosed with diabetes that he wasn’t taking care of…*DING DING DING DING!!!!*  Ah, here’s something – my husband is back and so is all of his drama!  And that’s not to say that all of my strife is his fault.  It’s not.  But he certainly brings an element upheaval to the table that I try very hard to stay away from. 
Anyway, thank you for giving me something to chew on.  I’ve got wheels turning in my little head at the moment.  Enjoy your weekend!  Big hug to you!