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Hi All,
Well, im having trouble.  For someone who can never shut up, i have kind of become…blank.  I cant seem to think of what to say, im lost for words, and i have to say its extremely annoying, i have been reading and reading posts all weekend and when i go to post, nothing comes into my head.  Its insane!
I am tired, it could have something to do with it, but my posting ‘mojo’ has left me for a minute.  Why is that?  I can only guess.  Maybe Dr Evil stole it? 
Anyway, i can only apologise, i am keeping up with everyones progress, i just dont have the brain capacity to reply at the moment.  Im going to have another crack at it. So please bear with me, im having a minute, it’ll pass.
Take care, i hope you have all had a lovely weekend,
Bye for now, Kathryn xxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!