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Hi Kathryn,  I was going to tell you that Americans do not usually have potato chips with meals but sometimes we do with sandwiches and hamburgers if there isn’t a side like potato salad, french fries or salad. Biscuits are like a heavy bread that is made with baking powder instead of yeast.  I make mine with buttermilk too.  We usually have them at breakfast and they are especially good covered in gravy (sausage gravy or milk gravy) or with jam or honey. Yes, we Americans like to eat!
Vera’s colorful story gave me a good laugh…especially since it was all in fun.  Not sure what happens if someone gets caught trying to gamble after self banning, but the ‘fear’ of getting embarrassingly escorted out is a strong deterrent.
You’re doing great Kathryn!  23 days is amazing.
 LDG May 10, 2009 (Mother’s Day)