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Hi Kathryn,
Happy Australia Day, and yes RG lamb has always outnumbered the shrimps on the barbie. That may explain why Paul Hogan Lives in the US now and not down under anymore, but what ever your tastes the point is to celebrate as aussies we have every other day of the year to define what an aussie is and does,….lets face it 🙁 with a total fire ban…there wont be any bbq at my house either way.
Interesting story about your collegue and you kathryn, truth is ppl don’t really know the struggle we go through until they hear it  or read about it in the news, in my case many ppl knew of my habit, most of the people I’m close to at work would joke about it, others would try to avoid the subject.
As for the news artical. I somehow agree with the judges decision, because its the right outcome for such a case, But I understand what you mean about no longer having a choice, or being able to make a rational decision on gambling, I’ve been there and know what it is to be a cg, but the same could be said about smoking, drinking, drugs, and every other vice, and this is where we have to lobby a court, to maybe give casinos…like bars and alcohol shops the righ and/or duty to ban someeone whom they consider is causing harm to themselves. This is somehow dificult to do, how do you know when a person has gambbled too much, unlike alcohol the physical signs aren’t that obvious. Casinos themselves prefer long term customers and rather ones that will always stay financial, it is hardly in there interest to send ppl broke. maybe the future of gambling will mean that all players will have to be registered and they will only be able to play according to their means. but that is hard to implement and regulate.
All we can do in the meantimes is be here to pick up the pieces, and help ppl recover once they realise and are ready for recovery, it has been a difficult and lengthy road to change the laws regarding smoking where the physical harm is obvious and clear to everyone, and none of those laws prohibit ppl entirely from smoking. it will take even longer to change laws about gambling.