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Hiya Katie-girl!!  Thanks for you lovely post and especially for allowing me some private time in the bathtub — LOL!!  I appreciate it!!  I’ve only very recently started getting private time from my boys, since they are growing up a bit.  But from a very young age (three), hubby taught them to open my bathroom door with a penny.  So very little private time in the ensuing years … I guard it jealously, lol!!
Anyway, I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling down, but it’s not surprising really.  As everyone has said, you’re going through a passage of life with you’re eldest soaring upward and your baby starting to flap his little wings.  (Gosh, I’m almost in tears myself at the visual).  There is sadness and joy and pride in it my friend.  Let yourself feel every moment of it … it means you’re alive and living life to the fullest!! Cry your little heart out when he walks into his classroom with his teacher (don’t forget the tissues and the Visine).  I cried when I registered my eldest at three, then my baby the next year … and I cry in the car EVERY year at the beginning of the year, and when I’m cleaning out the closet and when I see them in the year end plays and when they go off on their mandatory year end trip.  I’m just a big ball of mush at the tiniest thing … but it’s cleansing and lovely!! (Speak to me when they start high school, or university — I’ll probably have a breakdown.)
I’m willing to bet that you’ll start feeling a bit better with your walks.  You may be needing the endorphine rush.  I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed the moon.  It was incredible!!  I saw it as I was driving to Walmart with my niece’s dog, Apryl, in the car.  It was orange-yellow and hung low on the horizon, perfectly round.  I pointed it out to Apryl who was already staring at it with huge distrust in her eyes, as if to say: "Uh oh, the loonies are going to be at their best tonight.  Starting with the one blabbering next to me …"  I wonder what people think when they see me driving along talking to dogs?
Anyway … tell Jodes I will be joining the two of you on your quest.  I won’t do the meat thing, ‘cos I don’t have enough info on it.  But I will eat well and exercise … let’s compare notes on Fridays.  What say you???  I’m tired of being blubber-licious!!
OK, gotta go now, TONS to do … homework, projects, laundry, groceries, walking, yoga … etc.etc. etc.
Feel better, lovely girl.
Talk soon.
P.S.  Forgot to mention, get lots of gum for the bad breath.  Eating meat only gives you the worst breath … lol!!
This moment is all we really have.  Be happy in it.– 31/01/2010 4:53:27 PM: post edited by runninggirl.