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Hi Kathryn
When my twin daughters first went to school first I cried.
When my baby, my son, first went to school I cried.
I cried when they did the nativity in the church (2 angels and a 1 shepherd!)
I cried when they passed exams
I cried when they didn’t.
I cried when they carried the scout and guide flags (2 guide 1 scout)
I cried when they went to camps
I cried when they got married
I cried when one of my daughters had children
I cried when I was told that one of my daughters could not have children.
I cried when my son went into rehab
I cried when he came out whole
For all the tears though there have been more laughs and lots of the tears were tears of pride and happiness. It’s right and it’s good. 
The term rollercoaster is used a lot when it comes to addiction but life is a roller coaster even without addiction – just a gentler ride – I hope you will realise that for all the downs there are going to be a load more ups from now on. You are doing ‘normal’ and you are doing it with aplomb (I used that word to get a job once so I know it’s good!)
I am delighted that neither you nor Meg used my name in relation to oldies, new moon or madness.  I looked at it for ages – it looked so big. Apparently it is always the same size but not from my garden!! It was beautiful.
I am looking at your diet and thinking maybe I could follow this as long as the occasional egg is thrown in. You didn’t mention cheese though and I’m not sure I can manage without it. I’m afraid my good intentions crumbled with the cold weather. I have decided to make March 1st my next first day because I always feel brighter on March 1st – the bulbs start to flower having broken through the cold earth and my eyes open better in the morning – I have to drag them into the world at the moment.
My ‘dear’ little puppy has been sitting under my desk eating her way through the wire to my external hard drive. Fortunately she is still here and if you read this then I have survived too. She has just told me to write to running Girl and ask her why she should wonder what people thinks when she talks to her dogs – perfectly normal here!!
As always with Love
V xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx