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Just reading through your thread Kathryn, and I’m so happy that you are finding is possible to enjoy life.  I’ve been on this site for about 8 months now, and one thing I see is that if we let regret keep us down, we are still letting gambling control our lives.  Shame, regret and fear are the three negative emotions that attract negative energy.  You know, we’ve done things we are not proud of, treated others in a poor way, lost material things along the way.  But we didn’t kill anyone, we just got lost to a disease for a while.  In a way, I see finding this site as my re-birth.  The chance to become again a person I thought was lost forever.  So scream your lungs out at a game, laugh until you wet yourself, embrace the day and the people who surround you.  Recovery is hard, but it’s a little miracle too.  Stay strong girl, life on the recovery road is fun!