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HI All,
I am having one of those days. Brea had her hazzard test for her licence this morning, i thought it was at 11.30 so i went to Jodes and had a coffee then we went for a walk.  At 10.00 jodies phone rings while we are walking, its Brea, the test was at 10.20.  We couldnt make the test.  Now wouldnt you think she would have called before then?  I am hopeless with appointments, she knows this and still waited till 10.  I am livid.  It also cost me an extra $30 to rebook the test. AAAAAHHHH.
I dont like today at all.  Now she’s sulking in her room, its all my fault, she also gave me the bird!!!  i am over today already.
Bye, Kathryn xxxSometimes you have to step outside of the person you’ve been, and remember the person you were meant to be, the person you wanted to be, the person you are.