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Vera, I hope that voucher was computer generated or it would look like that is a little insensitive to tempt you that way. Gee…Glad you didn’t fall for it!
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Same thing happened me, Al. Was at the beach , walking a couple of weeks ago and met a manager from the "sister" company.
He said " haven’t seen you etc etc ". I told him I self-excluded. almost seven months ago…He said "congrats, keep it up, I often noticed how much you lost and how little you ever won!"   I felt like shrinking and crawling under a stone….
Later I was thinking " How come he doesn’t know, I’m banned??…" Maybe be just didn’t want to embarrass me by saying he did know. A few days later, I got a voucher for € 15 to go and play in " his" casino!!!
The plot thickens!
all the sevens
Keep on keepin’ on…and keep the pledge.– 7/5/2009 10:07:43 PM: post edited by compulsiveme.