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Hi All,
Danielle, footy is played with and oval ball and it is kicked and marked (some guys get 10ft in the air) to their end.  There are 4 posts, kick in between the 4 and you get a goal (6pts) kick either side and its 1 point.  It is an awesome game, it can be extremely rough, there is no padding worn by players and there is quite a bit of skill involved.  It is also really fast…the ball starts in the middle of the ground and a goal can be kicked in as little as 10 seconds.  Anyway, i hope i explained that properly. I have a very sore throat today from too much yelling!!!
Im having a lazy one today, a bit of housework and im going to cook a lovely meal, roast vegies and cauliflower and broccoli in cheese sauce. Havent decided on the meat yet, im leaning towards steak.
I havent had any urges as yet, i babysat my friends 2 kids this morning for about an hour so i was busy.  Master 10 has a friend over so they’re ok. 
I need to go and have a shower and scrub my hair…its a bit feral!!!!
Anyway, wishing you all a wonderful gamble free day,
Bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time