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Hey party girl!
Hows the head today? were you dancing on the tables?! I hope so chook.
I was gonna say how sorry i am that i missed your 8 month milestone…. but I’m not too sad about it – coz i just know there will be SO MANY MORE! Woohoo to you!
So how did Dames cope with turning the big 4-0? There are so many of us on here turning 40 this year eh. When’s yours again? Mine is april. Currently attempting to plan a combined 40th/70th party with my dad. He and I keep working out the details….and then my mum pokes her nose in. Then she tells me Dad doesn’t really want a fuss and is just going along with whatever i say, coz i’m his girl and he wants me to have a great party. And she keeps mentioning how much its gonna cost (i’m paying half). Dad and I are both good organisers and we work well together, so i’m sure it will be fine (if she ever butts out haha – god i love her….but she just never stops worrying). I desperately want to hire a DJ (rather than stereo or jukebox) but i know she’ll go into orbit about the cost of that ontop of catering LOL. Families eh.
Cant wait to hear about your night! (and i hope theres still plenty around to help with the clean-up!!)
Love and light
Meg xxxxxxxx"We are each of us angels with only one wing…  we can only fly by embracing each other"