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Hi All,
Laura, thanks for your post, yes im still on the eating plan, but i did cheat on the weekend as my free day was wasted, i didnt eat anything so i had a free day on Monday.  I am seeing results in my middle area though, it is definitely coming down in size!
Ive been working the last 2 nights and Tues. was very hectic. Last night was much better. Today i have to take Brea into town for a driving lesson, and this afternoon i have a doctors appointment, you know, all that lovely girly stuff.  Its time for a good check up.
I have 4 days off now, so i will be doing as little as possible.  This time next week Brea is going for her driving test.  Just thinking about it gives me butterflies.  She knows it, its just remembering it all on the day.  I need everyones vibes that day!
Thats about it from me, take care everyone, bye for now,Kathryn xx Sometimes you have to step outside of the person you’ve been, and remember the person you were meant to be, the person you wanted to be, the person you are.