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Hi Kathryn,
Well done describing our game of footy! I’m not an avid fan and don’t particularly support a team, but I do think it is a great team game to watch. It is skilful, fast and has plenty of chances to score, so it keeps it exciting.
Thanks for the time you take to write about your day and help us all remember there is plenty of good living to do every day.
I am on day 4 of joining this forum and choosing to be gamble free. It is good to be amongst friends. I feel like I am coasting at the moment because I have no money to gamble, pay day is a while off, so it almost feels like cheating to say I am gamble free. But I know that everything I read and plan before the dreaded pay day can ensure that my first gamble free pay day will be just another day. My partner supports me, she will take my ATM cards for me and I will plan my day to be very busy. And I will keep reading all the great ideas everyone so generously offers.
Thanks. Here’s to good choices