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Hi All,
Well i had a good day today.  I took Brea for her 2 hour driving lesson, dropped her off and thought, what can i do?   8 months ago i would have driven as fast as i could to a venue.  Today i went to Kmart.  I laybyed Harrys birthdays presents, all wrestling stuff (god they are expensive) and threw in a pair of leggings and a cardigan for myself to boot.  Then i went and had a lovely cappachino in a little coffee shop. 
It was really lovely, i wandered around for an hour, hardly spent any money and had a great time.  It was satisfying.  I cant remember ever saying that when i was gambling, it was always, well, there goes $50.  Insane.
Not long now till my week away, and i am really looking forward to it.  To do nothing but relax. To spend some time with my sis and my mum.  To sit around the fire and roast marshmallows (well, ill only have a couple!!!)
It was nice just to be with myself, even if it was only for a couple of hours.  Im feeling pretty content as i sit here now, i do have to go and start getting dinner ready.  Brea had taken over my kitchen to make a practise cake for my father in laws birthday………its in November!!! LOL.  Talk about being organised!!!
Take care everyone, bye for now, Kathryn xxSometimes you have to step outside of the person you’ve been, and remember the person you were meant to be, the person you wanted to be, the person you are.