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Hi Kathryn,  Reading your posts, it’s good to realize there is a life out there where there is no gambling.  It seems you are keeping busy with the family.  We do need to fill the void of gambling with productive things.  Things we have forgotten all about when we were gambling and loosing our money and time.  My daughter is on a cruise.  Her and her family left yesterday.  At 9:30 this morning I got a phone call from her.  I was afraid to answer it.  She was on the boat in St. Thomas.  Her cell phone works there, so she called me to tell me all about the boat.  I am so relieved and surprised to get that call.  While I was gambling, we were not close.  I was always to "busy" to spend time with her.  I am much happier now that ever before when gambling………..Have a good day Kathryn… NancyEveryday we makes choices…..Make your choice today a good one………..