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Hi All,
Thank you RG, Dd, P and Velvet for your posts.
Now, i have a smell. LOL. There is a smell in my house and i cant find the cause of it.  I think it smells like vomit, Brea thinks it smells like Parmesan cheese, and Damian thinks it smells like feet.  LOL.  I cant stop laughing as I’m writing this.  But, it is horrible.  I believe it is coming from under the house, and the smell is wafting up through the decking in the back room and floating into the kitchen (at first i thought it was the bin, which has been washed and disinfected)
I’m wondering if there is something dead under there, i have been peering through the gaps in the decking but i cant see anything, i have gone outside and peered under the house…nothing.  I have been watching the crime channel way too much and I’m imagining looking under there and a hand is sticking up from under the dirt..LOL. I have mopped everything, i have oil burning but that smell is stuck in my nose…ewwwww.
My nose is way too sensitive, being a nurse has taught me that.  I’m wondering with the recent rain, and lots of it if something has gone off under the house, oh i dont know but it is revolting.
OK, enough about smells…last night work was absolutely mental and i was exhausted when i came home.  My residents were yelling, screaming, crying, fighting, you name it, it happened.  I often wonder what causes this, its almost like a snowball effect.  But…they all took their medication so that made life easier on the paperwork.  I have today off, i am cooking a roast beef for dinner.  Brea had her 2nd day at Uni, she had to leave really early and left the lights on in her car when she got there.  She had to ring roadside assist to jump the battery! lol, i have had a funny day although I’m sure she didn’t think its so funny.
Well, i hope you have enjoyed my smelly tale, oh, and with the recent storms i heard that my local gambling venue had to close down, it was a long weekend too, packed to capacity.  The roof caved in (no one hurt).  On a normal day i would have been there, the machines would have turned off (power outage) and i would have been furious.  Instead i enjoyed a candlelight dinner with my family!!!
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxxSometimes you have to step outside of the person you’ve been, and remember the person you were meant to be, the person you wanted to be, the person you are.