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well hi my besty i took ur advice and popped on for a look.. not sure wot to do really but i read all ur posts.. my god i am so so so proud of u!!! u r finally becoming my friend that i met when we were a wee 18 yrs old.. u just got a little bit lost for a while and now i read ur posts and am inspired, and i dont even gamble!!! lol.. i find it hard to understand how to help u but i will help any way i can, u can always have my 2 ferrals to keep u busy if u get the urge! in all seriousness i couldnt be prouder of u than right now, u deserve all the good that comes ur way and u have always been destined to do wonderful things and now i think u believe it yourself.. and for all those reading this your life must certainly be brighter with kath in it cause she lights up mine and my childrens lives every day and i think she has so much to offer.. thank u soooo much to everyone who is helping her because this site has changed her life and she loves it.. keep strong every one out there who is going thru tough times u all have each other..
god bless the  bestyxxxxxxx love u long time   jode xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx