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Red bag??? Now you’re talking girl.  I’m the kind of woman who wears a bag until it falls off her shoulders, so it has to be large enough for ALL occasions, high quality and sturdy.  A while back, I bought a gorgeous red Liz Claiborne number and have worn it to death.  The poor thing is screaming for me to end it all, but I am determined to squeeze the very last compliment out of it.  It is (or was) a thing of true beauty.  I think the next one will probably be red again (although I have seen some gorgeous orange leather bucket bags that are hoarse from calling my name).  So, as soon as I have a little extra moolah, I’m going give those bucket bags a fair hearing.
Let us know what you chose (and what Brea bought too, of course) as well as all the goss about the girls, LOL!!!
RG This moment is all we really have.  Be happy in it.