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Hi Kathryn
Glad to hear you are doing well.  I read about your urge and just thought now if you didnt have that self exclusion in place it might have been a tad harder to resist so thank god you are excluded everywhere, something i wish they would do in this state too to cover everywhere.  I am not unfortunately and  today i was really tested with that one, i haven’t been to a computer in a while and i certainly noticed i let my guard down.  Hey Kathryn I also wanted to let you know i am letting go of the friend, just like you had to after all those years i can see i do too.  Finally figured out iv’e got to look after me, haha, its been a long time coming! 
Your stories are a hoot girl!  Good to see you going strong and i wish you all the best in your job interview for next week,  even my toes are crossed for you, as well as my eyes after staring at this screen, thankfully its not gambling eyes, oh how i remember that look!
Seeya soon
 P – living and learning