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Hi All,
Thank you Vera and Al for your posts.  And thank you for last night…i just needed to sit and read and laugh and try not to think about the news i had just recieved.
So here is is….My husband and i split up for a while (nearly 2 yrs) after we had got married.  Brea was only 2.  We have tried really hard to make it work…and succeeded.  His brother came to see him last night, he had recieved a phone call from a woman, and, thinking it was my husband, she proceeded to tell him that she had a daughter, 15 yrs old and that she is his. 
When i got home from work, he told me that his brother had been to see him..(after he told me to go and light a smoke!!) and he told me the news.  I am totally devastated, so is he.  A one night stand he says, i dont care about that, we were split up and i was no angel myself during that time. 
Apparently the young girl wants to know who her dad is, and rightly so, but the implications for my family are huge.  I dont know how we are going to tell OUR daughter.  I have already looked into DNA testing, my husband needs to ring this woman and talk to her. We need to know for sure before we tell anyone.  I am an emotional wreck, cant stop crying, everytime i look at my kids i cry.  I wanted to be the only woman to have his children.  Up until yesterday, i was. i dont know how to feel…if i ever wanted to gamble it is now. i just dont know what to do.  I rang work and told my boss everything, there was no way i could work today. I look like something out of the swamp.
Luckily my boss was very understanding, i dont have to work again till monday, thank goodness. I dont think i can concentrate giving medications in my state of mind.  I know for some, it is not the worst thing in the world, but this is my world and it has been shattered.  I am broken hearted, my husband thinks im going to leave him which is certainly not the case.  I have worked to hard and to long on our relationship to give it up now. I have told him so…last night i sat and cried and he sat trying to apologise.  It was horrendous.  He is saying he doesnt want anything to do with her, i know that is for my benefit but what about her. I am so torn,  i do understand her wanting to know her dad, but my family comes first.  There is nothing i can do until we have the results. We need to do that and work out what to do from there. 
Thanks for listening, i feel like im in a movie..its so surreal.
Take care,
Kathryn xx
 Fighting the good fight…One day at a time