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Hey Kathryn,
just catching up.  I didn’t realize Harry had been ill.  I’m always a day or two behind with my reading it seems lol.  Glad he was feeling better for his Easter chocolate.  It is just Easter morning for me now, youngest slept in so I did too.  The oldest doesn’t even get up any more, he just collects his share of the chocolate when he manages to roll out of bed around lunch time. 
Those urges can just come out of no where can’t they.  Something familiar triggers them.  I was just about going crazy last night.  Will be writing about it on my thread after.  Good for you, stayed home and enjoyed the anticipation of Easter with your boys.  Normally I would be so annoyed that a holiday was interfering with my gambling schedule lol.
Well, it was good to see you on chat.  Talking things out and a few good laughs are what the doctor ordered. Glad you are rested after your long weekend.  Don’t work too hard Monday night.
take care,