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Hi chook
I too, am sorry to hear about the sick/vomit thing! Ugh! Its just one of those things we do as a parent isn’t it…but thats when i REALLY wish there was such a thing as a fairy god mother or magic genie……..       " um…three wishes??? gee…. actually i just have the one at the moment……WILL YOU PLEASE CLEAN UP THE VOMIT FOR ME?????? Thanks!"
I hope your weekend has improved and that the washing all got done (with or without a fairy godmother to help!). Was it the chocolate that got him or a bug? My boy is dreadful on choc. Always has been. doesnt stop him eating it though..and i curse every other person that walks through the door bearing more easter eggs in my house LOL! He turns into a maniac and then has quite a reaction to it (not pretty, but suffice to say it doesn’t agree with his digestive system!). Thankfully THIS easter at least he didnt puke! But he suffered in the other ways, and was a demon!
Last week, i had every intention of hailing your dawning of ‘PAGE 100!"…. but obviously the week got away on me and i missed it!!! bum! Anyhow, It is noteworthy chook…. because if; what you write, and the responses you get; was not worth reading, you’d never reach 100 pages! But you inspire! You make us laugh – yes, sometimes at you, and sometimes at ourselves, but either way laughing is good for the soul, and you provide it!! You also let us share your lows and your sorrows, and thats what keeps your thread so lively and honest. Its you, and its real! Thankyou for being YOU! and for sharing it with us.
Hope school hol’s are going okay. catch ya soon.
much love and light
meg xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"We are each of us angels with only one wing…  we can only fly by embracing each other"