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Heya Girly-girl!!  Just thought I’d pop in before I turned in for the night.  It was lovely seeing you on chat … you’re such a riot!!
Anyway, I did hear you about your little, niggly urge.  I know you’ll be fine, but they are annoying, aren’t they??  I think it’s so unfair that we try so hard, for so long, then bam! there it is … in all it’s fake finery and raucous shiny baubles!!!  Not for you, my lovely friend … I’VE GOT YOUR BACK!!!  We’re in this, like Frick and Frack … (hey … poetry!!)
Deep breath, remember your lovely world (screeching kids and all!! There’s music in those screeches!!!)  Just remember who you are … a gorgeous, leggy, witty, warm and caring glamazon who would never deign to let those dirty beggars touch her again.
Lotsa love,
RGMay you be safe and happy.  May you be peaceful.