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WooooHooooo Girl!!! Yay for the interview!!! I am so excited i just did a wee jiggy dance in my rickety computer chair when i read your news… and nearly fell off it… and had a quick check at the window to make sure neighbours didnt see me!!!! haha how funny would that have been?????
I’m with RG – just be yourself K. If this job is meant for you – it’ll fall into your lap anyway! Cant wait to hear all about it.
I reckon it might be your lucky week any way….. you hit page 100…. and then your 1000th post…. and scored a fab job interview!!!!!??? Yay – the angels are swingin the bat for ya this week babe – for sure!!!!
Hope school hols are going okay….. sigh… i love my kids but damn they’re hard work sometimes eh (haha). My 7 yr old boy is still on a post-easter chocolate-come-down and behaving like a little a***! He’s in full-on ‘battle-mode’ with both me and his sister ( i think we’re BOTH exhausted). 
Good luck for the interview babe. shoulders back – head held high – go kick butt!!! LOL
LOve and light
meg xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx "We are each of us angels with only one wing…  we can only fly by embracing each other"