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Dear Kathryn
I can’t believe I am so behind in saying congratulations and giving a whopping big cheer. You deserve this break and I just know you will be fantastic in your new job.
I open the forums and F&F always beckons me. It is not for lack of thinking about you that I do not write – it is purely lack of time.
I just missed you in the chatroom on Saturday – I saw the back of your foot as you disappeared out of the door.  I tried to grab it but I thought it might cause a bit of a cyber accident and I’m not sure who I could call if there was an emergency – cyber ambulances being probably as rare as hen’s teeth.
I am so pleased and can’t wait to hear more about the job. I know the wedding is this month so I need to read more to find out about Jode’s dress but I am being summonsed elsewhere at the moment.
I think about you oooooooooooooodles of times
Loads of Love
V xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx