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Hi All,
Well, im finished!!!  Last night was my last shift.  The girls all put in and we had Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner, yum! I had 2 indian students doing the rounds with me last night, and when the staff was leaving for the night they got me..they poured a whole bottle of sorbolene cream down my underwear, gave me an atomic wedgie and poured a bottle of water over my head.  If the boss looks at the cctv today she will get a shock!!  I ended up having to wear a pair of blue and white chequered pants home from the lost property, as you can well imagine, it wasnt too comfortable. Oh, and i had to stop and get petrol.  The lady there was looking at my pants…lol.  I explained to her why i was wearing them, when i got home Dames was in bed and he got up and said, what the hell are you wearing??? LOL. The 2 students who were with me just stood there with their mouths open..LOL.  One said, is this what happens when everyone leaves?  I replied, no, not usually!!!!
I had an early wake up call today.  My neice, who is pregnant has had the baby!  She wasnt due for 8 weeks, im not sure of the details except to say that his name is Kellan, and he weighs only 1.2kg.  He is in Melbourne while my neice is still in Geelong, she had to have a ceasar, she knew something wasnt right yesterday and went to the doctor, he put her in for the emergency ceasar.  I do hope he is alright. Now that, is a little weeny baby!
Today im off shopping with Jode, im suposed to get clothes but i dont think we will have time, lol.  We have to get everything for the hens night on the weekend and have to go to one of ‘those’ shops.  Poor Jode is nearly having a fit!  Its pretty funny really. So im just about to head off and have a shower, im very unorganised this morning, no lunches made or anything.  I will have to pull my socks up and get moving.
Take care all,
Have a great day, bye for now, Kathryn xxx
 Sometimes you have to step outside of the person you’ve been, and remember the person you were meant to be, the person you wanted to be, the person you are.