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Hi Kathryn sounds like things are moving right along in your world.  Great news!  If i were you i would do the banning, I so wish they did it in this state like they do where you are.  To be excluded everywhere by excluding once is a dream, take the opportunity before your other runs out.  If i could i would. Silly how they make different rules for different states isnt it.  I think i may write a little letter to the government explaining how hard it is for us to do here and how it could be made so much easier.  For now i just have to work on the other things to strenthen and ban mentally i guess and not carry cards or too much cash.  Only what i need, and keep close to this site and meetings.  That way i think I am armed pretty much.  Congratulations on your new job, had to laugh at their joke when you left sorbolene cream etc, people must read this and think us aussies are a mad bunch!  hehe.  Anyway just wanted to say hi and congrats on your life, it is really full now of all wonderful things that dont involve gambling.  You are awesome Kathryn
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