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Hi Aussie friend of mine!!  I’m here, just pyschotically busy with the house.  Should go on this weekend.  Once hubby has all pics, I will send you the listing so that you can see.
Glad you had a lovely send-off … wish you had pics of the plaid pants, LOL!!  Speaking of headhunters, I had to put the heat on the baby this morning (what an eeeeeeeeejit!!)  I will send you a pic of her so that you can see what I’m talking about.
Speaking of babies (I’m frenetic this morning, can you tell?).  Congrats on Kellan.  Hope all is well with the little pumpkin!! Congrats also to Mama!!
Gotta go now.  Carpet installers making a hell of a racket putting new carpet in one of the hallways.  Bloody dog chewed it up trying to get into my bedroom.  Now, he’s hiding under my chair because of all the banging … serves him bloody right!!
Talk soon, chiquita!!
Love, RGMay you be safe and happy.  May you be peaceful.