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Delighted to see you’ve opened a new thread Sherry! And that you’ve had a good weekend shopping and going to the cinema…all "normal" pastimes, I’m but especially delighted to hear you didn’t break your promise not to gamble…Imagine your mom reminding you! Things are looking up!
I heard a priest who was an ********* once tell a story of how he prayed to God to help him after one unmerciful binge. "Please God, just this one more time give me a chance;don’t let me get caught. I PROMISE I will never drink again." And in his thoughts God’s  answer came loud and clear. " Stop making PROMISES Father Jack; Alcoholics cannot keep promises!"
same thing could be said about CGs!
So it’s barriers for us Sherry!
Another month drawing to a close…30/12/2009 since my last bet…we’ll be renewing our monthly pack in 24hours Sherry.
Delighted you’re here with me!
(I ll go to see the film Inception if its on in Ireland)