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the cowboy

It may mean nothing, or everything but our thoughts are with you. Nobody said this addiction was easy but we can alter our thought process to act before we gamble instead of acting after we have gambled.
Stay strong and try and remember, gambling is not our friend, gambling is not OK to do if you are a CG, gambling will take your money and leave you broke.
Look at it this way, If whilst gambling I had won the lottery do you think that I would have stopped????? truth is, I would have got on the 1st plane to Las Vegas to celebrate my win, how sad is that, my 1st thought was not to treat my family or friends or myself but to gamble……… gamble, gamble gamble until I was either skint or sick of losing.
I kinda understand how people now say that money is the root of all evil, i dont think that winning the lottery would make happy.
 Players do not continuously lose… They continuously nearly win!!