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… Hope all is well.  I usually log on to see your first posts of the day already made. …

 Good morning to you also Laura, my Friday post are a little later then ones for the rest of the week; also making my coffee a little late.  I spend every Thursday afternoon and night at my daughter’s watching over my granddaughter, or playing as she calls it, and do no get back home until Friday morning. 
I have been doing this most every week for over the past four years, beginning a few months after her birth, and after I was evacuated from New Orleans after Katrina.  I have only missed a few nights, mostly when they were out of town, and once when I was sick. Regrettably, I also missed two other times; times when I called and lied to them about not being able to make it  — Times when I was too caught up in gambling, and it was to late for me to make the bus connection. What made this even more pathetic was the fact that my daughter picks me up at a bus stop at another casino near her, one where I used to gamble at for a couple of hours before I was picked up, but I had completely lost all track of time at the one on my end. 
My posting this story as part of my reply to you, was prompted by my working Step 8 today; Listing and making amends to those I have harmed.  My time with my family is not part of any amends I owe them, this is for enjoyment.
I also used the reference to Katrina because of a flashback I had of the few days of turmoil I had to spend after that disaster.  The Haiti earthquake, being much more devastating, and pictures of the pain and suffering the people there are going through, was a sharp reminder of the Hell the people of New Orleans went through. Here again I was fortunate, I only lost a few material items and was discomforted for a few day staying inside my apartment without utilities; others lost everything and had to live on the streets for a week without food or water.  And the people of Haiti are going through much much worst — They are in my prayers, and I hope the prayers of any reading this.
And, please – Try to do more then prey.

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