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Hi Larry,
I wasn’t sure whether I should respond to your post on my thread or yours.  I am never quite certain of the rules of posting etiquette lol.
I am glad that you were able to use me as a semi-confidant.  Although you had made your apology on your thread perhaps there was still a little left to release. 
Something hitting very close to a nerve can cause a knee jerk reaction in us.  I’m so glad that you had been honing all of your RCG tools so that they could be put to use to overcome the scary urge.  Guilt and shame from the past can be a powerful urge creator.  But as we learn through GA and here, we can only deal with this one day at a time.  We cannot allow our past actions to overshadow the good actions we are creating today.
So I am so very  glad that you are here today, continuing on this journey.  Happy to be your sounding board as you have done for me many a time. 
Have a great gamble free day.