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 – One Month Anniversary
Hi … My name is Larry and I am a Compulsive Gambler.  My last day to gamble was August 13, 2009.
While I am very pleased that I can make this statement today, I find it hard to believe.  I can not start to name the times that I hopelessly said that I would not gamble for one month, or for one week or even a week-end. I have also tried, and failed, to condition my gambling  until a certain event, like the next full moon, or I would only gamble it I won a hand of Solitaire, or until my next payday.
The problems with those past attempts were that; one –  they were giving me the option to gamble again, so when I slipped I merely resumed gambling earlier then planned, not failed in my goal (although, I did on occasion keep my word not to gamble until my next payday, but, when I often failed at this goal, it cost me even more in the high overdraft and returned check fees); and , two – the time frames I set, even the "one week" or "few days" restrictions, left open too big a gap for outside influences to weaken my reserve.
Now, I only say, and solemnly pledge, that I will not gamble for today. This total commitment not to gamble, even for just that one day, completely removes the "until" time that was to allow myself to gamble again; and, it greatly restricts the time frame left open for all the outside forces to interfere to only 24 hours (this shorter 24 hour window is further reduced by filling it with other actives, and the outside forces are hindered by the barriers I have put in place).  
Far me to be able to begin by Month 2 tomorrow, I have to continue to be gambling free today; to help me accomplish this, I pledge that I will not gamble today.
Thank all of you here for the support and engorgement that I have gained through all your post and your sharing of your means to combat this disease. In return for your help I can only offer these few words of advice, "make and keep this same Daily Pledge, and travel your path One Day At A Time".  Again, thank you.
Larry, aka Paul315

"Day Two is Still a Day Away" – No matter how long in the program, I realize that without help and strength I might have to, but hopefully not, begin a new Day Two from time to time.
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