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 – Day Two Anniversary
Yesterday I wrote about my one month anniversary of being gambling free, today it is one month for my Day Two.  I know that every day can represent an anniversary of some kind but I am mentioning todays because it ties in with my topic title and my sub-goal toward being gambling free.  My main goal is to stay gambling free today – this is so that I can achieve my objective of living gambling free; the sub-goal is not to have another Day Two.  I had to have a second Day One because I slipped during my very first day due to an overconfident and presumptuous attitude that I only had to "join" the program and then I would have control. I am happy that I found out how ridiculous this was at the earliest stage, and that costly day may have been my life saver.
Also, having an anniversary observance of Day Two at the next milestone marker seams quite simple — all I have to do is not gamble One Day At A Time and the rest will just fall into place.
So I pledge not to gamble today and prey for the strength and wisdom to keep this pledge.
Larry, aka Paul315

"Day Two is Still a Day Away" – No matter how long in the program, I realize that without help and strength I might have to, but hopefully not, begin a new Day Two from time to time.– 9/14/2009 10:28:31 PM: post edited by paul315.