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Hi Larry, so did you ever self-ban from Missouri Casinos? I didn’t see this in your posts but maybe you did mention it and I missed it. I was on a business trip in St. Charles a year or so ago. It was another one of those LONG nights at Ameristar. I gazed at my face in the glass of the Hee Haw machine that I had just sunk $700 into and was down to .23 cents. Two cents short of playing all lines so I played 1 line at 1 cent 23 times with a 1 minute pause between each spin. I had 25 minutes to reflect on how many lonely nights I had spent in that place over the years. I counted up in my head 10’s of thousands of dollars they took from me. I usually had enough points to have some BBQ right before that long walk to the parking garage. Tonight I didn’t have 2 nickels to rub together and a check cashed for 700 bucks that was no good. 30 minutes later I was entering the state trooper’s office in the back of Ameristar to self exclude. I waited for 40 minutes for him to come down to the casino entry and escort me down that long hall. Without a doubt, the most intense experience I’ve ever had. THEY ARE SERIOUS ABOUT THIS IN MO !!! NOT SOME CASINO STAFF EMPLOYEE FILLING OUT PAPERWORK, A STATE TROOPER RUNNING THE SHOW !!! Believe me if you decide to self ban, you will not ever set foot on any casino property in Missouri. Each Casino sends you a certified letter alerting you that you are now in their system for survelliance and tells you in very specific terms what will happen. That whole trespassing conversation, is not just a warning; they mean it. You ban at 1 casino and the state bans you from every casino in the state AND any affiliate casino across state lines. You win a Jackpot in Vegas and they own a casino in MO, you don’t get paid in Vegas and they kick you out immediately. Anyway, good to see you on the site and hoping you keep the chin up and the wallet in your back pocket. Take Care! Frozen