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Hi Larry, so did you ever self-ban from Missouri Casinos?

No, I have not self-banned. I still harbor the fear that I might still go and then be arrested for trespassing. It may sound strange (and I might be sub-consciously fooling myself and I do not suggest this for anyone) but in a way I am using my "not self-banning" as another barrier.  At this time, I really think that I would want to gamble to challenge the system, even aware of the consequences you mention, more then my desires to gamble for gambling sake.  So far, thanks to the 3 G’s – God, GT, and GA, my conviction to live gambling free has remarkably overcome my "normal" urge to gamble; and adding this strange outside urge at this time is troublesome.  
I too have had many marathon sessions and large dollar losses at the casinos, so I understand your feeling you describe. Thanks for refreshing my memory of these suicide missions; the renewed knowledge of such catastrophes adds to the down side of compulsive gambling.
Another bit of information about self-banning here is that if you play the Lotto and win an amount that requires payment by the lottery office, that payment is denied the same as larger payouts at a casino.  Although I have played the lottery in the past, it has never been a compulsion. I mainly only played when it first started and later when the payout was in the high multi-millions.  As a testimony to my gambling free commitment, I have not purchased a single ticket or scratch-off since my last gambling day, Aug 13 2009, even when the Power Ball was at $200 plus million.
Best wishes for your journey.
Larry, aka Paul315

"Day Two is Still a Day Away" – No matter how long in the program, I realize that without help and strength I might have to, but hopefully not, begin a new Day Two from time to time.– 9/17/2009 11:59:56 AM: post edited by paul315.