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Hi Larry,
I feel compelled to write to you, im not sure why, maybe its your absolute sincere words you post to others, including me, maybe i feel that you truly take the time to read posts, and find valid and important points to discuss, maybe its just because i know you listen, and maybe its all of the above (more likely!!!)
My week has been very sad, my sister, who i love dearly is in immense pain that i cannot relieve. I can do nothing and feeling powerless has become something i have accepted in my life, but in this situation, well, what can i do.  As i sit here im feeling totally helpless, useless, and not in control which i dont like.  Being so far away from her is painful, i miss her already, and her children who i love. 
My brother in law was a great adventurer, as i told my neice, she had an amazing upbringing, living on an island on their own, being able to explore, fish and see the wonders of this world right at their front door, all the while her father there for her, teaching her about things i will never learn, and how lucky was she to have such an amazing role model in her life, even though he was hot headed!!!  Someone described him perfectly, a mixture of Steve Irwin and Bear Grills…i always smile when i think of that.
He was in no way perfect, but then who is?  I just hope that he realises just what he taught his children, how magical their life was, although im sure they didnt like it much at the time…but we always want what we havent got, and as children its always tenfold.
It is a tragedy what has happened, a terrible accident that is too bizarre to believe, but it has happened, and they all have to move on, eventually.
Larry, thank you for letting me write on your thread, i dont need a reply, i just needed to get that out,  and i know that you wouldnt mind, i just feel that you would understand.
Take care, Kathryn xxxx
 To live, that would be a great adventure – Peter Pan