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Good morning all,
Another morning at a cyber cafe trying to catch up on everyone, and just as important, trying to work on my recovery. My being absent from the GT site and even missing my last GA meeting has cause me to have the same thoughts as DD posted about "I think that I am better". Thinking that since I have stayed gambling free while being away from any daily contact that it is "I" that is the one who is stronger and can overcome any urges that might send me back to gambling; that "I" can control gambling. And although I regret that she has slipped, I am grateful for her account of her actions; stories like these and post from all the new members help keep me aware of where I would be if I depended on my own self will – I need my recovery program to keep me gambling free, it is "it" and not I that is working in my life.
I might not need a daily connection or a meeting every week, but I do need a consistent contact. There may be times that I cannot log on or attend meetings, but I can keep aware of the fact that it is my 3 Gs that keep me.
Thank you all. And thanks to Collin’s post bout "No Coincidence":
"When you look through the stories here you will see a lot of success.
It’s NO coincidence that those who are successful CONTINUE to use the support they have here,
It’s NO coincidence that those who are successful listen to, and act on, the advice that is given
It’s NO coincidence that those who are successful are honest with their husbands/wives/partners
It’s NO coincidence that those who are successful often use, and continue to use other forms of support, attend GA meetings etc
Its NO coincidence that those who are successful are prepared to take tough steps to help themselves
Unfortunately it’s also NO coincidence that people who stop using the forum often return in deeper trouble than they were to start with
That those who struggle aren’t prepared to be honest with husbands/wives/partners
That they don’t act on advice
That they give reasons/excuses why they can’t do something
That even though what they are doing isn’t working they aren’t prepared to try GA or other forms of support
That they aren’t prepared to take some of the tougher steps required to deal with a tough addiction.
I don’t believe in coincidences, nor should you. 
If you are struggling then look at what is working for someone else – it’s working for a reason and it isn’t a coincidence. 
 If you are doing well and think you don’t need support anymore?  Look at the people who have previously thought that and return here on an almost daily basis – that isn’t a coincidence either."
God’s speed. Stay strong. Keep aware. Use your Higher Power, actively participate in the programs that can help you.
 LarryThanks to my Higher Power, My 3G’s – God, GA, and GT,  "Day Two Is Another Day Behind" and with the help from all , I will continue to remain gambling free.