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As I have posted before, "my post are to help me, not just to communicate with others; So I am also copying this from a post to Chris of The Truth, the whole truth, Nothing but the truth by luidachris, because writing it hit me hard, especially the Fellow Gambler poem, and has given me more encouragement.  
Re: The Truth, the whole truth, Nothing but the truth
I just left you from the open forum, it was good talking with you and the others.
I hope I didn’t come across too strong about the Higher Power, but I find we all need one.  GA had the incite to add "(of our understanding)" to the "humbly ask God" parts of the Twelve Steps.  Our understanding can range from the Christian God, to Buddha, Mohammad, or any other High Power of the beliefs of others – including the "Self" being the higher power for the non-believers of any culture.  One thing for certain, it is the "Self" that has to do this task, we can only gain help and strength form the outside powers, be it religion, family, friend or groups.
At each GA meeting opening ,we recite this poem:
I sought my soul,

But could not see,

I sought my God,

But He eluded me,

I sought my brothers and sisters,

And found all three.

The people at those meetings and those of us here are the "brothers and sisters" referred to, and God refers to any power that may exist in each of us.  Use your "all three" of these to help you.
Another poem listed it the Safe Harbor web site is:
Fellow gambler, take my hand;

I’m your friend, I understand.

I’ve known your guilt, your shame, remorse;

I’ve borne the burden of your cross.

I found a friend who offered ease;

He suffered, too, with this disease.

Although he had no magic cure,

He showed how we could endure.

We walked together side by side;

We spoke of things we had to hide.

We told of sleepless nights and debts,

Of broken homes and lies and threats.

And so my weary gambler friend,

Please take this hand that I extend.

Take one more chance on something new,

Another gambler helping you.
Here, the Fellow gambler and Friend, is both, our brothers and sisters and our higher power. Take our hand as we take yours to make it One Day At A Time.
Best of wishes on your journey.
Larry"Day Two is Still a Day Away" – With the help of a Higher Power, My 3G’s – God, GA, and GT, I will not have to relive a Day 2.